CLOUD ONE is a product made of cellulose fibre, glycerine and flavourings, manufactured in Germany. CLOUD ONE looks similar to classic shisha molasses but without any tobacco or nicotine, and creates a cloud of flavoured vapour when heated.

It can be used with any type of bowl - flat, hollow, phunnel or vortex - and any type of heating system such as Kaloud Lotus, Brohood, Provost or simply Aluminium.

CLOUD ONE is available in a wide variety of flavours

  1. ABSOLUT 0: sweet mint
  2. BLUE BAJUE: blueberry and white chocolate ice cream
  3. DOUBLE APPLE: double apple and aniseed
  4. DOUBLE APPLE MINT: double apple and mint
  5. GOLD CHERRY: iced cherry
  6. GOLD PEACH: frozen peach
  7. GRAPE MINT: grape and mint

  8. GREEN NANAN: spearmint

  9. GUM MINT: chewing gum and iced mint
  10. HOODBERRIES BONBON: forest fruits candy
  11. HWA (HAWAI): pineapple and peach
  12. ICE APPLE: frozen green apple
  13. ICE BONBON: frozen candy
  14. LADY: berries, melon, mango and mint
  15. LEMON CHILL: lemon and vanilla ice cream
  16. LE PASSION EXOTIC: passion fruit and exotic fruit
  17. L66: watermelon, melon, passion fruit and mint
  18. MAMOR: banana, pineapple and mint
  19. MANGANA: mango, pineapple and mint
  20. PEAR CHILL: pear
  21. PISTACCIO BREEZE: pistachio, candy and caramel
  22. STRAWBERRY BANANA: strawberry and frozen banana
  23. SWISS BONBON: chewing gum and iced candy
  24. WATERMELON CHILL: watermelon and mint
  25. WILDBERRY CHILL: fruits of the forest
  26. 16 QUEENS: fruit cocktail
  27. 400 VOLT: lemon, sweet melon and a note of almond

 * flavours in RED are without mint, minty flavours are quite fresh.